The Warrior Method

Return to running with confidence after having your baby

Reduce your risk of injury, run without leaking, understand your body.

All in 6 weeks!

This course bridges the gap between having your baby
and getting out for a run

A lot happens to your body during pregnancy and after, and it's important to get back to running when your body is ready. This course develops the essential strength you need and helps you pinpoint areas to improve before you run.

Return to Running

3 Short Workouts a Week

As a mum, time is precious. These 'follow along' workouts are between 18 and 36 minutes long. 

Do it in your own time

We know life gets busy. So there's no pressure to do this in 6 weeks. Take it at your own pace.

Stay safe

All the exercises are explained fully and technique reminders given throughout so you can start strong and finish even stronger!

Each week delivered to your inbox

There's no faff, or signing into platforms. Each week you'll get your 3 workouts straight to your inbox. Boom.

Supporting videos

Education is as much a key component as doing the work. Learn about the symptoms of a prolapse, what to do if you experience leaking and much more. 


We've worked with hundreds of women, ranging from athletes to total beginners, helping them return to impact exercise successfully.

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Mums just like you found this course helpful in returning to HIIT, running, netball and more

"Love the emails each week - they're relevant, entertaining and to the point!!"


"This has really made me more confident about doing my first run"

Sophie H

"Really liked the workouts - definitely got my heart rate going, but also felt safe"


3 short workouts a week, for 6 weeks (or at your own pace)

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